Concept artists I love….

Chris Foss-

Jean ‘Mobius’ Giraud-

Ed Lee-

David White-

Jake Davis (JK47)-

Syd Mead-

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Friend of the family….

….Terry English has had a long career as an armourer and has worked on numerous films including Excalibur, Aliens and King Arthur-

I love the armour he did for Aliens and Excalibur is my all time favourite film!

He’s now official armourer to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II!

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Legends of the Prop world.

Wah Chang

A Chinese American designer, sculptor, and artist. He is known primarily for his sculpture and the props he designed for Star Trek (the original series).

I like early sci-fi just as much as the modern stuff and Changs work is perhaps some of the most iconic out there.

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The other end of the spectrum…..

Not keen on these companies, really not the sort of work I’m interested in.

I like the architectural models and some of the illistration but the props they make are a bit too ordinary for me, I prefer things a bit more fantastical.


While the props look to be made to a high standard the style seems a bit cheap and tacky.


All too high fashion for my taste.


The foremost prop manufacturer in the US but still not really the sort of things I’d like to work on-

Too run of the mill every day items, again lacking a sense of the fantastical.

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Some interesting Design companies.

This company looks to make high quality props and their in the uk. When I 1st looked at this company I wasn’t all that keen on there work as it seemed very child like and of a style I didn’t really appreciate, I think due to a lack of realism.

Having looked again they have added new more recent work which I find more intriguing in part becouse of the construction methods and the style.

This is Fon Davis company that make more my kind o thing but are in America. They deal with all aspect of prop design from concept development through to finished production pieces. I like the style and standard of work, just unfortunate its an American company.

not exactly a prop company but an interesting bank of work!

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Prop designers cont- Andy Chiang

I like this guys drawing style and concepts. Its very close to my own illistration style and is very clean and crisp in its execution which I appreciate.

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Prop designers cont

Works by Fon Davis.

Works by Enzhe Zhao

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Prop Designers

1st Prop Designer I’ve looked at is Harald Belker. I really Like what he’s done and think this is the level of quality I would like my work to reach. I like his work not just for the quality level but also the subject matter is of great interest to me, the artistic style and feel of the work is one I particularly appreciate.

Found this website with a nice aray of designers/artists/sculptors.

I particularly like the works of Fon Davis for his level of intricacy and detail in his models

and Enzhe Zhao for the wide ranging scope and vivid imaging of there work.

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Hello world!


This blog will mainly be to show my research for my Uni 3D Design course and to show some of the work I’ve done for it.

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